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Shubhankar Satav

A Professional Voice Over Artist.

About Us

SCUBE ? Sounds little Strange…?

Indeed...! SCUBE is Strange but Unique.

SCUBE Voice Overs and Dubbing is where you will find an artist AKA Shubhankar Satav who can voice your Idea in different genres with his Strong Diction, Baritone & Sonorous Voice quality.

His theatre background and acting gigs have added to his personality, voice quality and diction. His proficiency in understanding the client’s requirements makes the whole process efficient and exciting.

Shubhankar is the go to voice for your commercials and taglines be it in English, Hindi or Marathi.
His ability to make it sound different every time puts him on the top of the list.If you are willing to hear your tagline from everybody then he is the person who will deliver it for you

SCUBE Voice Over & Dubbing

SCUBE is a Voice Over and Dubbing firm having its studio at Pune where we can voice your idea in different genres.

SCUBE is formed and led by Shubhankar Satav who himself is a voice over artist. He has worked with clients from various backgrounds who have trusted his Baritone, Sonorous Voice, Amazing Diction, and his ability to bring out the Emotions in your lines.

SCUBE, is that one Roof where you will find Creative, Enthusiastic, experienced and positive approach towards offering high quality services with due care of professional ethics.

Our Services

Voice Over Workshops

We conduct personalized workshops where you get the guidance and an amazing professional portfolio which helps you create your name amongst the industry.



Enthusiastic… Sometimes Peppy… Deep… Baritone… Soothing Voice in short everything under one roof. He is an amazing person to work with. Friendly, professional, charming personality and affection towards cricket are the key features of our strong association.

It’s always a delight to work with Shubhankar. He not only provides the service but also enhance the overall impact of the project through his meticulous efforts.

Working with Shubhankar is an amazing experience. The way we got introduced to each other was a funny incident itself. But he is one the finest VO Artist we have ever came across. His ability to work in different genres makes him unique in this industry.

Shubhankar, has been associated with Blue Scooter Designs for delivering Voice over projects. During our association we found his work ethics very professional and beyond our expectations. We would continue to be associated with him for our future project’s.

We have been working with Shubhankar for quite some time now. Although our working field is pretty different for his age group, his knowledge and awareness has always added to the output. We would be associated with him in future.

We have been working with Shubhankar Satav for many years now. He is a very versatile Voice Over artist and his voice quality is very good. It's very nice working with him.

Recently acquired Shubhankar Satav's services for a Voiceover on one of our Corporate AVs. Needless to say, the work was fabulous and approach was utmost professional. Would like to work with him again.

I think I never was so satisfied with a voice artist before. Normally, many voice artists have good voices, good recording equipment and so on, but I’m almost always missing this special “spark”. A voice artist who not only reads the text out loud in a microphone, but really feels the message behind it and is able to transport authentic emotions.

We were looking for a voice-over artist which will give justice to our Historical project and Shubhankar was perfect fit.

शुभंकर एक चांगला व्हॉईस ओवर कलाकार आहे , उत्तम आवाज, भाषेचे उत्तम ज्ञान, मराठी हिंदी इंग्रजी या तीनही भाषांवर प्रभुत्व आणि सगळ्यात महत्वाचे म्हणजे स्टुडीओत, तंत्रज्ञाना अतिशय कमी त्रास होईल इतक्या सहजतेने काम करणारा व्हॉईस ओवर कलाकार, ध्वनिमुद्रणाच्या तांत्रिक बाजूंचे उत्तम ज्ञान असणारा शुभंकर त्याला या क्षेत्रात भरपूर यश लाभो ह्याच शुभेच्छा”

Collaborating with Shubhankar has been a great experience. From jingles to radio spots, TVCs and digital films, he is truly an all-rounder when it comes to delivering great work, with some really fast turnaround time. The best part, he has a thought process of his own, which adds something to the final output and enriches the communication.

Although crisp paragraphs and apt words are all that constitute a good write up, what makes it effective is the way you say them. To have the perfect impact and emotions to our video of maintaining the social distancing norms and precautionary measures taken by ICAI l, we chose Shubhankar Satav and S Cube for it...